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DJ PRODUCER – Free Download 2

from „I do also ambient“ coming somewhen
© Rixdorf Jams 2017

Working on some new tracks, Dj Producer will be back with an new EP somewhen in 2018. Cool news i guess! Here is the video for „Free Download 2“. No worries, it won’t be free.

⊙ RJM#8

Rick Wilhite – Muzic gonna save the world Pt. 2
Sneaker – Gebet
Company – Metrical 3
CNCPT – 001.1
Quinto – Divide
Florian Kuper – Untitled B1
Steve Poindexter – F__n with da drums
Schatrax – Dizzy
Schatrax – Turntribal
Merv – Melted Vein

mixed and compiled by arsy

⊙ RJM#7

Sensorama – Echtzeit
Gramm – Siemens.bioport
Plastikman – Consumed
Your Planet Is Next – Kontroll
Vril – Torus VIII
Sensorama – Kondens

mixed and compiled by arsy

⊙ RJM#6

L & G Hemmerling – Hedgehog In The Fog
Bocaje – Pattern 03
Federsen – Rolling
Idealist – Flowers Of
Soulphiction – Sky So High
Lowfour – Köttärmord
Reade Truth – Blessings Of Luh
Anders Ilar – Existing In The Dreams Of A Flower
FAX – Llama
Dubfire – Debris

mixed and compiled by arsy

⊙ RJM#5

Jan Jelinek – Do You Know Otahiti
Copacabannark – Copatabarnak
STL – Strains Of Nowhere
Sa Pa – Boss Walks
Desert Sky – Paul Athmo
Rhythmus Günther- Party Geisterbahn
Desert Sky – Paul Athmo Third
Jan Jelinek – Wood Pigeon
Disco Mantras – Paul’s Blues

mixed and compiled by arsy

⊙ RJM#4 kleinod cut

G.E.S. – Helmut Schmidt Plays Bach (Dub) 33rpm
Plastikman – Consume
Round Four – Found A Way
Marcus Suckut – Turn On
Abayomi – Build
Steve Bug – A Night Like This (Richie Hawtin A Night Like That Remix)
Paperclip People – Country Boy Goes Dub (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
Eek-a-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling

mixed and compiled by arsy

⊙ RJM#3

Jabberjaw – Maybe this ain’t right
Mitsuaki Komamura – Weedis
Berovic & Leicher – Clavomania
Oscar – Damage (Five Green Circle Remix)
Agent Audio – Spieler
Oscar – Die Vernunft rockt unterm Teppich
Ellwart & Ellwart – Dankbar

mixed and compiled by Arsy